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Father of Glory you've made it possible for me to be standing right where I am praising
What shall I give you Abba eh
You who neither sleeps nor slumbers have made sure that coming in going out
I'm a blessing Cause you have blessed me Abba eh
When the enemy came thinking he got me he couldn't find anyone but You My life is hidden in You
With Christ in You
So I've been thinking about Your kind of love I've never seen anything like it You are the only You There's none like You


(That's why I'm saying) Thank You for who You are Father I say Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You For all you have done Only You could ever do this for me I give you all the glory
Thank You for Your love I'm counting my blessings, counting, counting To You praise is due,
To You praise is due

Na na na na na ...



Thank You for Your grace it prevails
Yes the word of Your grace in me prevails
Cause You are the great I Am Almighty Jehovah
Thank You for Your grace It prevails

Thank You for not being slow in keeping Your promises,
as many may have thought You are,
but for being patient,
not wanting anyone to perish but giving a chance for all to repent. Thank You Father

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